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Artivity data analysis

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posted on 2022-11-15, 15:52 authored by Athanasios VeliosAthanasios Velios

These datasets are summaries of data collected during the Artivity project by artist Gino Ballantyne and designer Peter Gander. Artivity was a pilot project attempting to document the way that digital artists use software during their practice. Artivity tracked the use of digital tools in creative applications such as the pen tool, the zoom tool etc. as well as online interactions. These datasets indicate the kind of analysis that can be done based on tracking the use of these tools. The data was used to develop a paper at the DPASSH conference 2017:

The artivity software is maintained here:

The project page is maintained by Ligatus:

The software was developed by Semiodesk ( in collaboration with Ligatus at UAL.