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posted on 2020-06-29, 16:43 authored by Cath Appleton

02/07/2020 09:00 Room 2 #addcpi

A Drawing a Day is both hugely useful in terms of developing creative skills, establishing a unique mark making vocabulary and a way to exercise the creative part of the brain. To have the discipline to do a drawing every day is an extremely challenging thing to do. In this workshop I introduce the concept of developing a daily creative practice and discuss the benefits of having a collection of books filled with drawings, paintings and creative ideas.

The workshop begins with a look at other artists explorations in a Drawing a Day (there are a number) and I share some of their work as well as my own. I will talk about their ideas of what to produce and suggest ways of drawing, painting or photographing art journals. Illustration has become an important part of Cath Appleton's work and a number of years ago she started the disciplined journey of producing a Drawing a Day. Through Cath’s background in art, digital design and visual communication she brings an understanding of creative exploration to individual story telling.

The real focus of the workshop will also be devoted to practical exploration using drawing, painting and/or mark making. Designed for both non creatives and experienced artists the approach is fun and more about the process than the result. Participants of the workshop will need to bring drawing paper and mark making tools such as pens, pencils, charcoal and/or paint, a teabag and water. It is also advisable but not essential to bring a cheap pocket-sized or larger notebook that can be used to start a visual diary.



I tell stories using images and words because visual narratives have the power to teach and connect. I use this understanding to help people go on journeys in their imagination, open their eyes and access their creative voices. I write about the art of visual storytelling and how readers can connect to unfamiliar experience using the multimodal features of the graphic memoir. In my doctorate I explored the use of stories to help bring about social change and wrote a graphic memoir called ‘Broken Glass’. It Is a story about a young girl’s experience of forced migration and the long-lasting impact the traumatic event had on her life. My graphic memoir is soon to be published. As an academic lecturer I have built curriculum in photography, design and visual media. I present at conferences, develop and deliver courses and workshops.

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