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Doctor Doom Fan Survey: results and survey forms

Version 2 2022-08-10, 12:39
Version 1 2020-07-21, 16:16
posted on 2022-08-10, 12:39 authored by Mark HibbettMark Hibbett
This is a dataset containing the results of a survey conducted in April 2020, investigating the core character components for Doctor Doom according to comics fans.
The full dataset (including non-submitted answers) is contained within Doomsurvey.xlsx, along with a data dictionary. The methodology and results are discussed in DoomSurveyReport.docx, and the survey used is DoctorDoomSurveyV1.docx. A revised version of the survey, based on the experience of this one, is also appeneded as DoctorDoomSurveyRevised.docx.