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Doctor Doom: settings data

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posted on 2023-08-29, 16:29 authored by Mark HibbettMark Hibbett

This dataset is a subset of the larger 'Doctor Doom In The Marvel Age' dataset available at This dataset comes with a textual description of how it was gathered and a definition of what is meant by 'Marvel Age'.

This subset concerns the 'settings' that appeared in texts alongside Doctor Doom. These are given overall, and then specifically for case in which Doctor Doom interacted with those settings. In each case the number of texts is given, then the same figure as a percentage of the total texts, and finally a ranking for that setting.

Columns are also divided by time period. The first two sections give data across the entire 'Marvel Age' and then it is divided by the three sub-periods of 'Creation', 'Chaos' and 'Consolidation'. Definitions for these periods can be found in the main dataset.