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Reason: File access is limited to the Blackfoot Digital Library [BDL] and to the Museums currently caring for the items.  Models will be freely viewable on the Mootookakio’ssin microsite of the BDL.   Limiting access to full RTI datasets is a community-led decision safeguarding and protecting against misuse of community ‘assets’.

National Museums Scotland  A.UC.315 (Shirt) Quillwork detail captured under Reflectance Transformation Imaging

posted on 2022-02-14, 13:35 authored by Louisa MinkinLouisa Minkin, Ian Dawson, Concepts Have Teeth

NMS Catalogue Description: Tunic of reindeer leather ornamented on chest, back and sleeves with discs of dyed goose quill work, and on each shoulder with a band of dyed porcupine quill work: North America, Plains, Crow or Blackfoot or Cree

Reflectance Transformation Imaging dataset of quillwork taken on project visit to National Museums Collection Centre, Edinburgh September 2021.

Comprising 97 jpeg files, assembly files and finished .ptm file.

RTI is a computational photographic method that captures a subject’s surface shape and color and enables the interactive re-lighting of the subject from any direction. RTI also permits the mathematical enhancement of the subject’s surface shape and color attributes. The enhancement functions of RTI reveal surface information that is not disclosed under direct empirical examination of the physical object.

RTI Viewer and Builder are freely downloadable from Cultural Heritage Imaging.


Concepts Have Teeth, And Teeth That Bite Through Time: digital imaging and Blackfoot material culture in UK museums.

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