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Reason: File access is limited to the Blackfoot Digital Library [BDL] and to the Museums currently caring for the items.  Models will be freely viewable on the Mootookakio’ssin microsite of the BDL.    Limiting access to full photogrammetric datasets is a community-led decision safeguarding and protecting against misuse of community ‘assets’.

Photogrammetric dataset of HASMG:2012.55.25 (coup stick) at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery

posted on 2022-05-11, 13:54 authored by Thomas AllisonThomas Allison, Louisa MinkinLouisa Minkin, Concepts Have Teeth




Hastings Catalogue Description: 

Coup stick, Blackfoot or Assiniboin, c1880, length: 70cm


Photogrammetric dataset of 195 jpeg images, taken on project visit to Hastings Museum and Art Gallery  April 2022


Concepts Have Teeth, And Teeth That Bite Through Time: digital imaging and Blackfoot material culture in UK museums.

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