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posted on 2024-04-26, 15:46 authored by Lorraine Gamman, Marcus Willcocks, Paul EkblomPaul Ekblom

The latest Grippa clip, known as the Grippa Curl (v.5), is the result of the multiple iterations of in-house and in-situ user testing plus expert consultation and critique. All these responses have fed into development conducted by the DACRC team culminating in the clip seen here.

The specification of this design achieves the best balance to make life easier for customers and venue staff in bars, cafes or restaurants, while simultaneously making life more difficult for potential thieves.

Relative to earlier versions the clip has a larger capacity, to accommodate up to 25mm bag strap diameters, which is more than sufficient for most varieties tested; many larger straps are easily folded to fit, too.

The self-closing gate is secured by the weight of the bag. This means that belongings can be simply hung using a one-handed operation but require a two-handed action to remove them, thus removal is still simple for the owner, but becomes a slower and more conspicuous process, helping to deter theives.

The Curl is designed to operate in both horizontal or vertical orientations, so is suited to being mounted on tables but also on other surfaces such as bars and walls, and is easily and securely installed using two screws.

The bright coloured designs have proven to help customers take notice of the clips’ presence in the venue and the optional bag logo printed onto the body of the Grippa adds clear communication about its function and subtly reminds customers to take care of their belongings.


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