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Grippa Communication Graphics

posted on 2024-04-26, 15:46 authored by Lorraine Gamman, Marcus Willcocks, Paul EkblomPaul Ekblom

Grippa Bag Icon
The Grippa bag icon has been designed for multiple purposes. It has been applied directly onto the body of the latest Grippa clip. Our iterations of user testing and feedback proved this to be one of the most effective points for communicating the product’s function and for subtlly and effectively reminding customers to use the clips to help them look after their belongings while in the venues providing them.

Grippa Bag Flyers
The Grippa bag flyers were designed and tested in four bars collaborating with the project, in London and Barcelona. Created to be installed by bar or cafe staff as a visual metaphor, the bag-shape printed communication is physically hung on the Grippa clips, to help raise awareness and show and customers how the installed clips can be used.

1. On-Grippa: Hanging Bag Flyer

2. Furniture-mounted Hanging Bag Flyer
The larger bag shaped flyers were developed with a slot to permit hanging on a wide variety of bar and cafe type furniture, to promote use of Grippas, particularly in areas where customers more instinctively leave their bags vulnerably on seats or seat-backs, for example. The caption on the bag-shaped printed card reads “Use the Grippas, instead of the chair”.

3. On-Grippa: Long Flyer
The long card flyers are designed to draw attention to the availability of Grippas, even where the clip itself may not be easily noticeable, for example, where table cloths are in use.

4. Grippa Posters
The Grippa posters were designed and tested for installation in customer toilets, as a simple reminder to customers to look out for their belongings.

5. Grippa Window Stickers
The double sided postcard-sized Grippa window stickers were developed as a subtle but noticeable reminder for customers: that there are Grippa clips available, as they enter (side 1) and prompting them to check they have their belongings with them as they leave (side 2).

Further Grippa communication designs
The Grippa team have also considered further graphic communication developments, targeted at venue staff, as prompts and possible behind-bar reminders and visual training resources, that could become part of the standard training of any staff member working at a venue installed with Grippa anti-theft designs.


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