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Stop Thiefs Chairs

posted on 2024-04-15, 15:27 authored by Lorraine Gamman, Marcus Willcocks

Research delivered by the Design Against Crime Research Centre (DACRC) at University of the Arts London has found that unattended bags are commonly ‘lifted’ or ‘dipped’ into, when they are left on the floor or on the back of a chair.

Bag theft and pickpocketing are crimes common to many European cities not just London. But according to the British Crime Survey it is on the increase, e.g. pickpocketing in England and Wales was reported to have risen by 25% during 2007-8. To combat such high levels of bag theft and pickpocketing in restaurants, cafes and pubs DACRC has devised a range of anti-theft chairs licensed to Dan-Form, that work by incorporating a bag-holding slot in the seat.

The user completes the ‘lock’ by physically sitting on the bag straps affixed to the chair, to keep the bag off the floor and also clear from damage or from creating an obstruction to floor space. Researchers indicate that the use of the ‘Stop Thief’ chair activates the body’s innate sense of ‘defensible space’. This is because the bag holding slot of the chair is located near the genital region. Therefore the Stop Thief Chair user has immediate awareness if this defensible space is infringed by a thief trying to dip purses or wallets.

The Stop Thief Chair is available for the first time from the Danish furniture company Dan-Form, who have licensed Design Against Crime’s design and incorporated it into their Jackpot chair range.

The Stop Thief Chairs, like the Arne Jacobsen Ant chair, feature rounded backs that discourage users from hanging bags over the chairs. Instead, the design encourages for bag straps to be placed into the slot on the front of the chair to keep belongings more secure from thieves.

The Stop Thief Chair by Dan-Form comes in 12 vibrant colours. Veneer options in beech, cherry, oak or walnut are also available. Any other colour or veneer design can be offered on orders over 80 chairs. TüV tested. The chairs are made of lacquered wood and steel, easily stackable (up to 10 chairs) and offer an instantly recognisable modern and stylish look to bar and restaurant interiors, as well as anti-theft functionality at a competitive price.