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Reason: File access is limited to the Blackfoot Digital Library [BDL] and to the Museums currently caring for the items.  Models will be freely viewable on the Mootookakio’ssin microsite of the BDL.   Limiting access to full photogrammetric datasets is a community-led decision safeguarding and protecting against misuse of community ‘assets’.

3D model of A.UC.316 (Shirt) at National Museums Scotland

posted on 2022-05-20, 11:03 authored by Thomas AllisonThomas Allison, Louisa MinkinLouisa Minkin, Concepts Have Teeth



NMS Catalogue Description: Tunic of deer leather ornamented with quillwork and tags of black hair and leather: North America, Plains, possibly Assiniboin or Yanktonai

Photogrammetric dataset of 207 jpeg images. Taken on project visit to National Museums Collection Centre, Edinburgh, September 2021.  Available at .

 Photogrammetric image dataset processed and meshed in Agisoft Metashape. Models refined, unwrapped and decimated in Zbrush and Blender. Textures projected in Agisoft MetaShape from image dataset. Textures retouched in Blender and Affinity Photo. Model provided in high and low polygon counts in both obj and usd formats. A web optimized version of the model is provided as a glb.  


Concepts Have Teeth, And Teeth That Bite Through Time: digital imaging and Blackfoot material culture in UK museums.

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