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Bernd Behr, Akeley Inside the Elephant

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posted on 2022-02-25, 16:54 authored by Rachel JillionsRachel Jillions, Bernd Behr
Akeley Inside the Elephant is a research
project on sprayed concrete, a process
used in the tunnelling and mining industries,
and the provenance it shares with the
histories of cinematography and natural
history dioramas through its inventor, the
American taxidermist Carl E. Akeley (1864–
1926). Reconsidering this industrial process
of the built environment as critically
entangled with Akeley’s pioneering work
at natural history museums in Chicago and
New York in the early 20th-century and his
subsequent development of a novel 35mm
cine camera for field recordings in Africa, the
project highlights this historical juncture as
contributing to an expanded discourse on
photographic ontology.