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Reason: License has not been sought from the company R2S (Return 2 Scene) and the Tate Gallery.

Documentation of 'Displacements' (Tim Head)

posted on 2022-11-10, 09:54 authored by Athanasios VeliosAthanasios Velios

This includes spherical high dynamic range photographs of room 31 of Tate Britain at Millbank where the artwork installation 'Displacements' by Tim Head was being displayed on the 1st of May 2007. The photographs allow photogrammetric scene measurements. The documentation took place as a proof of concept for quick recording of the exact position of each item in the installation. The documentation was undertaken by the company R2S (Return 2 Scene). The R2S software is also included in these files and it allows photogrammetric scene measurements through a convenient interface. The software runs on MS Windows.

An extensive description of the installation can be found on the Tate website:


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