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Branded Content Governance Project Newsletter Issue 2 (November 2023)

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posted on 2024-02-27, 14:24 authored by Jonathan HardyJonathan Hardy, Iain MacRury, Hanna KubickaHanna Kubicka, Celia Rangel-Pérez

This is the second issue of a quarterly newsletter for the Branded Content Governance Project. The newsletter reports on the activities of the Branded Content Governance Project (BCG) and includes other information we hope will be of interest to project participants and other readers.This second issue reports on the work undertaken in the Q4 of the first year of the project and Q1 of the second year. This issue includes our work to identify project impact, drawing on ‘theory of change’ planning, and our initial mapping of key ‘problems’ and ‘mitigations’ for branded content practices and policy processes.

The newsletter contents include:

  • Welcome to Issue 2
  • Stirling workshop - September 2023
  • Industry and legislation roundtable October 2023
  • Developing our 32-country branded content report
  • Making change: developing BCG Project analysis and action
  • Events programme
  • Resources and publications
  • Project Contact details


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