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Future Libraries: Outputs and outcomes

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posted on 2024-05-14, 11:23 authored by Adam Thorpe, Alison Prendiville

Project outputs

– Creative consultation tools
– A future library ‘game’ (workshop method and tools)

– Digital publication of the project and findings
– Future Libraries project findings film

The Future Library Bureau tool was designed so it could ‘pop-up’ in places that non-library users might be found. The interaction around the tool involved citizens in a story about rebuilding a library that had been ‘burnt to the ground’ to hide the evidence of a terrible crime.

The Library Sticker Chart asked citizens to place stickers on a board to visualise their priorities for libraries now and in the future.

The Library Expedition tool likened the library to a fantasy island and asked citizens to locate the sites on the island that were most valued by them and explain why.

The Stitch Map tool asked citizens to draw a thread around the services and facilities they were visiting the library to use – to show their library journey. At the end of the thread was a label inviting the citizen to record their wish for the future library.

The Library Alchemy tool asked citizens to ‘operate on the library’ by selecting and prioritising the values that were most important to them.

Project outcome:
The Future Libraries project’s creative consultation findings fed into Camden Council’s statutory consultation proposals.


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