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posted on 2024-04-15, 15:26 authored by Adam Thorpe, Lorraine Gamman

Public Sector Prison Industries (PSPI) High-level Design Brief

The key deliverable to this project is to design a range of furniture to allow a prisoner in either a single or double cell to provide somewhere to sleep, somewhere to store belongings, something to sit on, something to use to write or eat on, and that meets the following key points:

  • Is aesthetically pleasing;
  • Has minimal ligature points;
  • Is robust enough to withstand the rigours of use in a custodial environment (MoJ technical standards);
  • Operationally viable - difficult to vandalise/make weapons/create barricades with etc.
  • Requires no or limited installation on site;
  • Has the potential to be manufactured in large quantities in prison industries workshops;
  • May need some (limited) Capital investment on machinery;
  • Employs as many prisoners as possible in the manufacturing, storage or despatch process;
  • Is constructed from relatively inexpensive materials;
  • Complies with Crib 7 Fire Resistance Tests;
  • Although we are not compelled to comply, it is desirable to meet any BS or EN standards;
  • Has limited places for illicit items/contraband to be secreted;
  • Considers how to store centrally prior to dispatch;
  • Considers how to package the manufactured items for transportation;
  • Suitable for use in the most challenging prisons.


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