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UAL Conference. The Creative Laboratory: Searching and Researching through Practice

Posted on 2023-09-25 - 14:53 authored by Lynne Finn

UAL held its first international conference looking at Practice Research on 23 June 2023.   

The conference celebrated not only the theoretical exploration of art but also the vital concept of practice as research. UAL passionately believes that learning by making, by immersing oneself in the act of creation, holds immense value in shaping our understanding of the artistic process and its impact on society.  

Please note, the footage available is edited 'lecture capture' only with the limitations that brings. 

Material posted here includes:  

  • Welcome by Professor David Mba & Introduction by Professor Oriana Baddeley  
  • PANEL 1 What Would the Earth Have Us Do Siân Sutherland (Chair), Nicholas Rochat, Dilys Williams
  • PANEL 2 Dialogue, Presence and The Gift Samson Kambalu, Pratāp Rughani, Mark Sealy, Oriana Baddeley (Chair)
  • PANEL 3 We’re All Animals Jennie Stephens, W.K.Lyhne, Robin Maynard, Emily Doolittle, Francine Stock (Chair)
  • PANEL 4 Feeling Our Way

You can view the full conference programme and a full transcript. 

Videos are also available on our YouTube channel  

The conference was created by Professor Oriana Baddeley, Professor Pratāp Rughani, WK Lyhne and Lynne Finn


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